Mag January (2022) Theme

Tue, 21 2021 · 03:37 PM

It’s December and almost the end of another year! ‘The end’ is an interesting phrase, telling in the way we use it and perceive it. From the end of the road…the end of a situation, to the end of one’s tether coping with a problem…to light at the end of the tunnel, reflecting hope. Sometimes endings are beginnings! As we move into the new year, 2022, there are just so many thoughts going through our heads! This year was tough, though we managed a return of sorts. We had some physical school, offline exams, met friends, some of us traveled. And moving ahead into the new year we hope for more. Keeping these thoughts in mind, the SBS mag theme for January 2022 would be, ‘Endings and Beginnings’.

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India Week (2021)

Sun, 29 Aug 2021 · 08:11 PM

This year we at SBS celebrated India Week from 9th-15th August. We had a range of activities organized by the Student Council. We had inter-house competitions in Debate, Chess, Monologues, Quiz and an inter-class Art Board Competition.


The debate was in a for-against-interjector format, with three students per house.

Agenda ( 9-10): This house believes that Indian Education should focus on Humanities rather than Science, as a subject after Middle School.


Inter-House Debate (9th and 10th) (House)

1st Place: Surya

2nd Place: Bhanu

3rd Place: Tejas

Inter-House Debate (9th and 10th) (Individual)

Best Speaker: Noell Nagpure

2nd Best Speaker: Navya Dewan

3rd Best Speaker: Jai Gupta

Best Interjector: Nandini Chaudhary

Agenda (11-12): This house believes that India should sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.


Inter-House Debate (11th and 12th) (House)

1st Place: Bhaskar

2nd Place: Tejas

3rd Place: Bhanu

Inter-House Debate (11th and 12th) (Individual)

Best Speaker: Tara Saran

2nd Best Speaker: Hana Fahim

3rd Best Speaker: Vani Gupta

Best Interjector: Armaan Nanda


The videos had to be a maximum of five minutes, the language could be Hindi, English or a mix of both.

Topic: Middle School- Patriotism in the era of the Internet


Inter-House Monologue (Middle School) (House)

1st Place: Tejas

2nd Place: Surya

3rd Place: Bhanu

Inter-House Monologue (Middle School) (Individual)

1st Place: Anujit De

2nd Place: Mehak Vij

3rd Place: Aabha Talwar

Topic: Senior School- What makes a Patriot?


Inter-House Monologue (Senior School) (House)

1st Place: Bhanu

2nd Place: Tejas

3rd Place: Bhaskar

Inter House-Monologue (Senior School) (Individual)

1st Place: Myra Chawla

2nd Place: Aazeen Asad Kidwai

3rd Place: Ojasvi Tomar

INTER-HOUSE QUIZ COMPETITION: The quiz was held in two rounds, with 5 students per house.


Inter-House Quiz (House)

1st Place: Surya

2nd Place: Tejas

3rd Place: Bhanu

Inter-House Quiz (Individual)

1st Place: Rajlaxmi Singh

2nd Place: Esha Nayak

3rd Place: Saira Wadhwa


The chess competition which was held on 14th August, was for grades 6-12, it was organised by the SBS Chess Club and the House Captains.


Inter-House Chess

1st Place: Tejas

2nd Place: Bhanu

3rd Place: Surya

ART CLASS BOARD COMPETITION- The topic for the class boards was: 'Nurturing Freedom and Democracy.' The Board competition was across grades 6-12.

Middle School winners- VI-B, VII-B, VIII-C

Senior School winners- IX-B, X-A, XI-D, XII-E

The class boards can be viewed on Gallery-> Albums-> Art Albums, on the Mag, or by clicking here

Mag September-October Theme: 'Hope in an Unequal World'

Sat, 28 Aug 2021 · 01:35 PM

Come September and we have Teacher's Day. The past year has been especially challenging and we are so very grateful to our teachers, for guiding us through these tough times!

This pandemic has disrupted our world. From life threatening sickness to acute mental stress, these times have also shown us just how unequal the world is! Though through it all, even in this darkness there has been light! Keeping these in mind, the SBS Mag's theme for the months of September and October is: 'Hope in an Unequal World'

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Mag August Theme- 'India: Our Journey so Far'

Sat, 28 Aug 2021 · 01:35 PM

Our inaugural monthly theme in August 2021, is ‘India: Our Journey so Far’, keeping in mind Independence Day and the school’s India Week celebrations. Under this, we have explored gender roles, cinema through the ages (actors, fashion, audiences- sensibilities), comedy, personal journeys/ anecdotes, us as a people/society, dance, music, poetry, our hopes, aspirations, what we got- what we missed.

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