“A man is known by the company he keeps, simply because friends are that family which a person can choose himself and a family is traditionally that person which one always struggles to make a friend.”

I personally believe there are many junctures in life where a friend can help you even more than your own parents and siblings. A humongous generation gap has recently emerged between teenagers and their parents, where these youngsters’ undergoing puberty feel that their parents fail to understand them. This has also taken a toll on their mental health and this is where friends play a pivotal role.

Some lads also feel overshadowed by their siblings in terms of achievements, making them feel completely irrelevant and insignificant, giving them a feeling of identity crisis. While such things may seem absurd to many parents reading this, they should understand that these situations are very prevalent in our society, albeit a topic seldom discussed and considered a taboo. At that tender age, friends become the only people who can understand our true emotions and problems, even though they might not have the ability to solve them, being in the same boat as ours.

Having friends not just helps you materialistically in things like homework and borrowing things. The concept itself has a much wider diameter. Friends give us a much-required sense of calmness and support, ensuring us that we do have someone we can reach out to, who would help us whenever required. They give us priceless company, which has proved it’s worth in the pandemic where it was this online social interaction with friends that prevented people from going mad.

From personal experience, I can say that my close friends have helped me out a lot in dire situations when I was really in need. They were there with me no matter what. This bond between friends is so powerful that almost nothing can break it. This is exactly why we feel low, angry and sad when we fight with these lifelong companions. Of course, no matter how badly you fight or how fierce the arguments, remember that you always want to make up, especially with your best friends.

My mind goes back to the days when I used to study in The Scindia School, which was an all-boys boarding school. To be honest, I didn’t even miss my parents that much even though I was only 12 years old. Our late-night snacks, secretly staying awake after bed-time and all the rules that we broke gave me memories. Memories that I will always cherish and will never-ever forget, even in a million years. Most of what we said and did was completely nonsensical and illogical, but the fun in doing those things was just out of this world.

In all, I suggest everyone to make good friends, who don’t judge you. They simply accept you as you are and help you overcome your flaws. Having changed schools quite a number of times, I do comprehend that this process is not very easy and it does take time to build such relations. With that being said, there are many others in the same boat as you are. Talk to them and see how quickly you guys will bond. That’s the thing about human psychology. Similar situations and problems make people gravitate towards each other, as it makes them realize that they’re not alone and that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable and lonely at times.

Friendship is a seed that you plant, give it time and nourishment in the form of unconditional love, care and understanding and see it bloom into a lush beautiful tree that will give you shelter from the scorching heat of life.