Who would've thought...

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.”

- Khalil Gibran

COVID changed everything.

We went into the most stringent 3-month lockdown in the world! March...beginning of new term...this urgency, to explore new online platforms and tools to adapt! We were clueless…the helplessness...late night exploration of new tools… anxiety...as classes went online, suddenly-almost overnight!

Planning for the year ahead, lessons, corrections, the new platform, connecting with new faces through a screen, cameras off...are you there…can you hear me..do you understand...please put your cameras on...the struggle...

My place of work and home became one.

Lines between when school ended and home began, blurred! Wake up...emails, WhatsApp, kids, preparing breakfast, lessons, dog, lessons, doorbell, lessons…endless!

Nap time and park time! The yearning for these increased. Let’s pack in as much as possible! Where’s that To do list…check, check, check...today was good, I managed most!

Thank god for the support at home! Though there were times, while making dinner after a long day, I would catch myself thinking, why rotis...let’s just have sandwiches, or soup...kids don’t like it...okay...

Five minutes extra in the shower… please. Sometimes crying from the sheer emotion, isolation and exhaustion was cathartic.

While the lockdown brought the family physically closer and together, it did away with the distance needed to strengthen those connections. Living together didn’t always mean being together.

And then COVID came home. The uncertainty, the fear, stress, anxiety; ironically left me with a clearer mind. It was okay. Okay to not feel like doing work, okay to not be in the mood, okay to not finish everything on the To-Do list, okay to feel disconnected, okay to just let go and be!

Gratitude. For the pause and understanding, that there are different realities for everyone and to give attention to the things, and the people around me, that is all that matters.

The pandemic brought me and my reality to light.

My work, my purpose is all about learning together. This certainly isn’t limited to the classroom, especially now. To connect during times of vulnerability and share those moments, to motivate, to have faith, in the unseen road ahead, to protect from the binaries of success and failure, to emphasize individual uniqueness; requires one to be at a certain place to speak convincingly! This year and a half has shown me that.

It took a pandemic to understand and accept...who would’ve thought!