The Path to REDefining

REDefine is a student-led, non-profit menstrual health campaign that aims to promote menstrual and sexual health and hygiene amongst people across India. Our name “REDefine” takes forward our mission to redefine the status of menstruation in society. Due to the stigma attached to this topic, it is always either insufficiently discussed or not discussed at all, especially among the non-menstruators.

In grade 10, our founders (Pranavi Jamwal, Anshika Gupta, Jhanvi Natarajan, Meher Shivie Choudhry, Tara Palchaudhuri, Ritika Khosla) conducted a survey called “All Things Unsaid.” on topics that are considered taboo such as LGBTQ+ identities, feminism, and menstruation. The results of the survey showed palpable silence and a lack of understanding of menstruation. Thus, this campaign was born.

The campaign aims to educate and empower adolescents through talks and surveys on topics considered “taboo”, including but not limited to menstrual and sexual health. Our goal is to achieve this through talks at various government schools and NGOs.

Social media, especially Instagram, has recently had a huge impact on our campaign. By bringing our campaign to this platform, we were able to expand our audience and reach people of all ages, who connected better to posts and stories over articles.

Before moving towards social media, our founders created a blog on our website to document their journey. They began by uploading the surveys they conducted with orphanages and underprivileged schools and documenting the talks they held with NGOs. Our current core team ventured out to write more creative articles, like our Puberty Talk series, aimed to provide parents with a guide to explain puberty to their children, written by children. The articles discuss physical and emotional changes, menstruation, and provide a sex talk, all available for anyone of any age to read at their disclosure.

Our Instagram account gave us a space to initiate “Break The Silence,” which was the first series that we conducted through reels on Instagram. The reels reached over 25 thousand people, creating a sturdier platform and audience for us to develop on. It invited people of all genders and ages —from our team and our supporters — to participate, providing them with a platform to let their voices be heard. We looked at topics related to menstruation from various perspectives, creating room for empathy and spreading awareness in our generation, and hopefully further.

The current team consists of 4 co-heads (Samara Sahi, Siya Jatia, Tihara Wickramasinghe, & Yuvana Sahi) and 7 volunteers (Meher Krishna, Parnika Gupta, Prathna Anand, Sanvee Jatia, Sia Aggarwal, Vanya Doval, & Vedika Khosla). Since our team comprises Step by Step students, we plan to keep it a Step by Step initiative, by passing it down to our juniors as we graduate. Spots for new volunteers will open up in the next academic session.

The links to our website is given below:

REDefine Website