Marvel pulls through yet again with the newest movie added to the marvel cinematic universe franchise. An adventure that forgoes Marvel templates and doesn’t pretend to be cosmic with a universal threat, but has gone with a bit of a basic approach upon which the original marvel movies like iron man were built upon. It has a more conventional espionage thriller theme. Rather than deeply explore the character and soul of Natasha Romanoff, the movie focuses more on devoting it on an episode of her life introducing more characters which could hopefully later be integrated in the MCU.

The film does offer additional insight into Natasha’s tortured past but the overwhelming effect is that of a baton being passed, and the movie being a final tribute to the character of ‘Black Widow ‘. The movie reminds us of the pleasure an MCU movie used to have without leading up to the next chapters of the storyline to the marvel universe. Marvel being the modern organization it is, has again put women on the forefront to represent societal equality, a point which is also emphasized in the movie. Scarlett Johansson doesn’t disappoint with an amazing performance portraying Natasha Romanoff perfectly again.

The supporting cast has also had quite a good reaction from the MCU fans. David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov (aka Red Guardian) is a scene stealer with his burly, Russian knockoff Captain America who pines for his glory days. The actor brings that same rough-around-the-edges warmth that makes him so great as a reluctant father figure on Stranger Things, and his chemistry with Rachel Weisz’s cold, but motherly Melina Vostokoff is another highlight of the film. The film's biggest success though would have to be the introduction of Florence Pugh as Natasha’s adopted sister Yelena Belova. The fiery Yelena is every bit as dangerous as Natasha, but with a quirky and hilarious sense of humour that caught me off guard many times. Yelena has a big arc that requires serious range and Pugh is flat out fantastic. Her future in the MCU should be exciting to watch. If there were some negatives in the movie it would be the fact that it was a bit dragged on and that it was basic and had no contribution to the MCU storyline, made it a bit basic compared to Marvel's latest work. So overall if I had to rate the movie it would be a 7.5/10.