Malala inspires

Malala Yousafzai became the youngest ever noble laurate

By winning the Nobel peace prize,

Fighting for women’s rights in Pakistan,

Malala an excellent orator managed to soar through the skies!

One day when she was returning from school in the bus,

The evil Taliban came and heartlessly shot her,

This incident didn’t banish her dreams

On the contrary she continued to fight without fear!

On August 15 th as we celebrated our freedom

There was instability in Afghanistan

After the US decided to leave in less than 10 hours

The country and capital Kabul was taken over by the Taliban

Yes, it was the very same Taliban who shot Malala

The last they were in power, women had no right

Complete ban on music and education, restricted healthcare

Covered in burqas, women lived in fright

On hearing this alarming news,

Malala was in complete dismay and shock!

What would be the fate of the poor Afghans?

With the women locked in, unable to even go for a walk

Ironically sitting in UAE is President Ashraf Ghani

Who abandoned his countrymen and just fled…

He left his people suffering amidst terror

And wounds that bled and bled.

Afghanistan is now a hazardous sight!

If you oppose the Taliban or to speak out you dare

You can embrace heaven;

Because forever will your mouth be shut – so beware!

What been all taken away from the Afghan’s, in just one day…

Is what we take for granted: freedom to act and speak

I pray for all the young and old, for God to help them

Get through their future that looks really bleak.

I hope that Malala inspires each and every Afghan

Be it young or old, girl or boy

Not to give up on your hope and fight for your right

And one day soon together freedom we all will enjoy.