Preview on the cover of the book – ‘The War that Saved My Life’

When I see the cover, many thoughts come to my mind,

Unanswered questions, answers to which I need to find…

My first thoughts on seeing the cover, is how can a war save your life?

All a war does is to take your husband, child, parent, friend or wife!

Next, I see the back of what looks like a young girl,

She has clubfoot; now I wonder, does her family treat her like dirt or a pearl?

Next, I wonder, as I notice the girl’s height,

How come until this age, her clubfoot hasn’t been set right?

I now see the planes of the mighty British Royal air force,

I lay my eyes on a farm and on it grazing is a lone horse.

So now I think it must be WW2 where children are sent to the countryside,

Oh yes to limit the number of children as casualties that died!

On the cover is the New York Times bestselling author and Newberry award,

Such prestigious prizes, it must be a powerful book, Oh Lord.

In small print I read, finding where you belong is always worth the fight

This book has most certainly managed to get my fancy alright.

Too many questions I have about this book,

So now I start reading and the book has pulled me like a hook…