Black and White

Black and white, and just so colourless…

Boring television, just one show a day!

People back then, were simply aimless.

Well at least that is what they say!

Technology? Ha! No one even knew that word,

Everyone was just a nerd.

Many – a – times I envisage,

How people back then were happy with just a massage.

No internet, no smartphones.

Earlier there were just gramophones!

In the past man was an early riser,

Now they use alarms that we think are a lot wiser.

Now we binge watch Netflix,

When the antenna wasn’t in place, you were in a fix.

They spent time being hearty,

But we just want to tele party!

Some samosas and sauce would make their day.

Whereas now it is not even enough to just play!

This is how simple was a Birthday,

But now if we don’t have an ornate party, we are in dismay.

We often need vacay…

And our parents are bound to say kay kay!

That too, to a place like Malay!

Whereas while the sun had shone, they made hay!

Money had some serious value back then,

An adequate example would be ice cream!

That creamy cool delight started from 50 paisa,

Now won’t be available to you in less that 50 rupees!

Erstwhile mom used to cook,

Now there is Zomato that she uses to book.

Air was clean and city was green,

Now we cannot venture out without sunscreen.

Tedious serpent ques for a trunk call.

Where now, to make a call, there isn’t even anything you have to install.

Get cassettes on rent to listen to music,

Now an iPod is a classic!

Those horrible yet pleasurable hours under the candlelight,

Where nothing seems to be in sight,

Though now that issue seems to be right and only happens once a fortnight.

And that is a sure delight!

Life in India has changed so to say,

When past meets present it is ought to be grey!