A Writer's Journey

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

- Anne Frank

Writing uplifts my soul and clears my mind. Ever since I can remember, I have found peace in writing even the smallest poems. On my happier days, it exhilarates me to create something meaningful. On my darker days, it’s like a volcano of emotions bursting onto the paper. Let me tell you about a time I distinctly remember.

The dark clouds suddenly loomed over me and the beautiful sunny day turned grey. My kite fell to my feet like an anvil. As the drops began to patter down, I scrambled back into the house where my father sat looking at the news on his computer. An NDTV presenter screechily talked about the storm outside, which took my mind to frightening visions of the tornado in the Wizard of Oz.

Without a word I treaded lightly into my corner and began writing furiously in my journal, pouring my negative emotions onto the page. As I filled up page after page with my rants, my fear receded and I was filled with inner peace. Sometimes a poem I write makes me laugh or a story I write makes me think. Like most writers great and small, my writing allows me to be reborn and renewed.