Personal Journey- Proud to be Indian!

August is always a special time for us, as children, as adults and citizens of our incredible India. We start to feel more patriotic. We feel more emotional, re-engaging with ourselves, our strong family values and relating to what we each consider is true to our Indian identity. We start to feel closer to our roots, appreciating and being grateful for our grand history, our diverse culture and rich foods and languages across our vast country.

For me, at a personal level, with each passing year, the recognition and success of how far we have come as girls and women and yet at times, how much more needs to be done for women. More and more opportunities present themselves, boundaries are being broken, women are more empowered and engaged in the workforce, yet at the same time, fulfilling their duties as an Indian woman, a mother, a daughter, a daughter in law.

The pandemic year has also taught us the value of appreciating our roots and strong family values more than ever. At a time when the world is in turmoil, the strength in knowing one belongs to incredible India. Communities, families and individuals who do not even know each other, came together at a moment of great personal crisis, to help, provide care and support to each other. We continue as a global community to address the challenges of the pandemic, but I feel proud and privileged to be a young Indian girl today.