Mask up, Stay Safe, it's your life to need to save!

A stitch in time saves nine. Well, unfortunately that wasn’t the case with the covid safety protocols in India. It was disheartening to see everything fall apart when everyone lost hope and started flouting the rules. The pandemic started eighteen months ago and till this date it is winning the ravenous war against human beings. For now it seems like there is no light at the end of this gloomy tunnel.

Wave after wave just like in the ocean, as the water inundates the beach, the corona virus has been inundating our world with new strains. This is all due to the fact that despite all warnings by the government, awareness by journalists and preparedness by healthcare sectors, people are not taking this pandemic seriously. Covid - 19 is a deadly virus, it has ruined many lives, and will keep doing so if we all don’t start acting responsibly. The citizens not following the protocol are putting others at danger.

Further, people have not been maintaining social distance, and have been going to super spreader events. Neither are they minding the lockdown timings nor are they isolating themselves. Due to some of their actions, there is now a spike in cases which increased the healthcare system burden. There is a lack of oxygen supply and there are overly stressed doctors helping patients. Deaths have been increasing recently leading to loss of human resources. As there is a loss of jobs, the people under the poverty line are increasing, leading to a decline in the economy.

This pandemic is unnerving. All we hear these days are people whaling, screeching sounds of sirens and the beeping of life saving machines. In order for us to get our lives back on track we all have to educate people, be responsible and spread awareness about immunisation.