Man vs. Nature

Tenth Grade Second Place in Creative Writing

The war between man and Mother Nature,

Is it the beginning or the end?

They were no longer in unity,

Above her he wanted to ascend.

He grew greedy and craved power,

He betrayed her without a skelf of shame.

They had once worked together hand in hand,

But now nature itself he wanted to tame.

But man is not above nature,

He is a part of nature itself.

Hence his attempt for domination

Would only bring destruction to himself.

Nature is not dumb or mute,

It is man who is deaf.

So he did not listen

When she cried out for help.

Instead he ripped out her lungs,

And he infected her air.

He burned down her home

Till absolutely nothing was there.

This time nature did not remain quiet,

She fought back with all her might.

She flooded his home and destroyed his farms,

She would not back down from this fight.

But man is ignorant and man is selfish,

He continued on his path and has yet to realize,

That even if he won this long fought battle,

He would be on the losing side.