What Will The Earth Look Like 25 Years Later?

Seventh Grade First Place in Creative Writing

25 years later,

The earth will be overpowered by robots,

That’s true. Of their kind there’ll be lots and lots.

Currently, Sophia the Japanese bot is travelling

worldwide giving lectures,

Just like Greta Thunberg or some renowned professor.

25 years later,

We’ll be locked in our houses, like animals in cages,

They’ll look and mock at us,

And all we’ll do is sit and make a fuss.

25 years later,

Underwater we may be able to breathe,

Or may not chew with our teeth.

We’ll co-exist with fish, sharks, dolphins and whales,

And won’t have exams so we’ll never fail!

25 years later,

Earth will run out of fresh water,

Probably afterwards we’ll learn to save the leftover quarter.

If we want a bright future 25 years later,

Then to the earth’s needs and health,

We’ll have to cater!