25 Years From Now

Seventh Grade First Place in Creative Writing

I am not an astrologer, but I can envisage with clarity that our planet will be distinctly different 25 years from today. The year 2045 would herald 25 years of the ‘Post Covid Era’, the seeds of which are being sown, as I write this article.

25 years from today, Earth will exude a magical deep blue aura. Our planet would be recognizable from light-years away, due to its ever-expansive luminescent hallow that would colour the Milky Way with its hypnotic blue tint.

The clear blue skies would find reflection in the turquoise blue oceans. The sparkling clean rivers would be brimming with joy as they traverse the vicissitudes of our beautiful planet with dignity and pride. The pristine blue lakes ponds and lagoons would resound with peace, purity and tranquillity.

Our planet would provide the perfect backdrop for both flora and fauna to flourish. A growing forest cover, thriving marine life, enhanced bio-diversity would be setting the stage for ‘life’ as it should exist ideally. Our parks and gardens would be resplendent with flowers, birds and butterflies! Our cities, towns and villages would discover renewed synergies with mother nature. Mankind would live mindfully, responsibly and in equanimity.

The human race would be unified. National boundaries would disappear. We would all be citizens of ‘One World’. Notions and constructs like nationality, ethnicity, class, caste and gender would lose significance. “Being human” would be our all-encompassing identity. Mankind would realize that we all belong to one life force and that we are all interrelated and interdependent.

In fact, by 2045, mankind would have discovered its new avatar. The human beings will move beyond material pursuits and be driven by their true purpose that their life force manifests. Human success would be not measured by material accumulation but by virtues like joyfulness, thoughtfulness and benevolence.

Mindless consumption would be deemed sinful and frowned upon. Spirituality will be omnipresent in the absence of religion. Minimalism and Universal Responsibility would be the flavour of the times. Cities, towns and villages would strive to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and promote ecological conservation. Mankind would follow its inner gaze which would serve as the guiding light which would take humanity to its next evolutionary spiral.

— An earthling