Deep Blue

Deep blue, Like the depth of the ocean, I’ve been trying to reach in vain. Borne back ceaselessly, To the emptiness it carries. There it lay, The ever changing ocean, In which, The sky saw a different shade of itself, Every twist and turn of the river, Like a mob changing its colours.

The ocean knew no boundary, It had an aching for freedom. Yearning to be the part of the sky, Which was like it’s fabric.

As the summer died, Fall lay as it’s corpse. The October sky, Pink weaving through the lines, As sunlight struggled to pass out it’s light. The hue mixed with the purple, The shade just before the hurricane.

It watched the descent, Of all things alive. Preparing for the burial ground, Where everything lay beneath the white. The orange sky, Echoed the funeral below, As it mourned in goodbye. Tears like the golden burnish of youth

The midnight blue kissed it goodnight, As it took over the skyline. Yet again dancing in her lap, In endless boundary, Were the stars that looked upon, This graveyard, Building itself back by degrees.