My Role As A Student Against Climate Change - A Story

Sixth Grade Second Place in Creative Writing

The bell rang for the English class to be over and the twins Nitya and Rohan started walking towards their Geography class. They were new in this school. They were from Gurgaon but just a month ago, they had to shift to Noida where they joined Step by Step School. They still hadn’t made any friends yet, so they did everything together.

Their Geography teacher Indra Ma’am wrote ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ on the white board. None of them knew what it meant. In the lesson, they learnt that the Earth is warming up and they also discussed some causes of Climate Change.

Back at home, Rohan and Nitya were googling and understanding what climate change really means and its seriousness made them worried and feel anxious. They found out that recycling helps, so instead of buying a new rough notebook each, they just tore out empty pages from their last year’s notebooks and stapled them together to make new rough notebooks for themselves and their parents.

That evening they also went to the mall to shop for fruits and vegetables, but instead of using the plastic bags the shopkeeper gave, the twins carried old cloth bags to put everything in. Their parents also bought some spices and dry fruits for which they had carried the containers from home.

Rohan and Nitya also made a big poster together and showed it to their friends and family and requested them to spread awareness. Next day, when they went to their cousin Neha’s birthday party, instead of wrapping her birthday present in fancy wrapping paper, they painted an old newspaper blue (Neha’s favourite colour) and wrapped her gift. Neha was curious as to why Nitya and Rohan used an old newspaper. They both told her about the importance of zero wastage and Neha promised to tell her friends to help reduce their carbon footprint by doing the things the twins had done and more.

Finally, Monday arrived and during the Geography lesson, Nitya and Rohan told their class about what they had done over the weekend to help reduce the ill effects of Climate Change and how they planned to continue this initiative. Their whole class also said that they would also start to help rejuvenate the planet Earth! Their classmates also came up with innovative ideas on how to reduce their waste.

Like this, not only did Nitya and Rohan themselves start helping the environment, but they also encouraged twenty-eight others to do so.

Anahita Chaudhry