My Role As A Student Against Climate Change

Sixth Grade First Place in Creative Writing

Climate Change- our planet is heating up!

Climate Change- extreme and unpredictable weather!

Climate Change- impacts us all!

The Contributors

Did you know, that for our homes, kitchens and air conditioners to run on electricity, somewhere somebody is burning fuels such as oil and gas and these fumes are getting released into the atmosphere ? This leads to the heat from the sun getting trapped, making our planet hotter.

Trees and forests absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Cutting of trees is considered as a major contributor towards climate change.

The garbage sent to a landfill releases a significant amount of greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change.

I know Climate Change is real- it destroyed my Chrysanthemums.

I’ve been learning about climate change but have never really felt that it impacted my life in anyway- until now...

My father has a floriculture business. I often go to the farm with him. I observe the farmers carefully water the pots so as not to flood the baby seeds. We eagerly waited and counted the days for the button Chrysanthemums, our first blooms to arrive in October just before Diwali.

Unfortunately, just as the burst of bright yellow petals became visible, Delhi experienced untimely and persistent rain followed by a hailstorm. Those delicate petals did not stand a chance against the harsh balls of ice and they were all destroyed.

Sadly, unpredictable weather can affect crops and flowers. Despite having worked so hard through the year, the farmers at our farm could not make any profit for their families. My dad too suffered losses.

I felt I needed to do something...

From Watching To Leading- I Am Now A Waste Warrior!

While my father is working on covering parts of the farm to protect his flowers, I have taken the role of wastage police at home!

I am constantly checking and ensuring that lights are switched off in unoccupied rooms.

I am constantly requesting our domestic help to use gas and water in the kitchen wisely.

I study near the window and use daylight and consume less electricity.

I have officially moved from using a shower, which I so dearly loved, to taking a bucket bath and hopefully my family will follow suit.

I will continue to raise awareness and minimize my contribution to this grave reality.

I hope to save our Chrysanthemums this time!