The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This bestselling novel narrates, in first person, the story of an amazing autistic boy, 15-year-old Christopher Boone. The beauty of this book is that the author puts himself in Christopher’s shoes and gives detailed accounts of everything that goes on in his head which allows the reader to feel as though he/she has known the character all their life. Christopher is a very straightforward and naïve child and has a brilliant memory, which he utilises to pen down every word spoken during his unusual escapades.

The story is about the mysterious murder of Christopher’s neighbour Mrs. Shears’ dog Wellington, who he discovers in her garden with a garden fork sticking out of his back. Being a big fan of Sherlock Holmes as well as an animal-lover, Christopher decides to so some detective work and bring justice to Wellington’s killer.

As Christopher starts to investigate, secrets long kept hidden begin to spill and he finds himself confronting an impossible choice: to stay at home with a liar or to run away into the unknown in search of a possibly dead person?

His decision leads him onto an exhausting adventure as he finally comes out of his comfort zone and leaves behind his diehard mindset to experience the real world. His eventful journey forward is the perfect example of how forgiveness cannot change the past, but can most certainly influence the future.

Through this book, the author provides us with a unique opportunity to understand autism and people specially children having this anomaly. It allows us to view the world from a perspective which is very different from our own. We learn that they are in no way inferior to us and that we should celebrate their uniqueness instead of preying upon it.