This piece details sexual assault and may be disturbing, please view at your discretion.

The hands that rocked a cradle;

The mother of tomorrow;

The woman who shapes the destiny;

Such is the tragic irony of fate;

Is the one who sold me.

Told me that my life was worth just a couple of hundred bucks.

Placed me in hands of strange men,

Who cuffed me in invisible chains,

And I felt NAKED.

In the darkness, my wrist was grabbed,

I screamed;

But it seemed that the world was deaf

Needles inserted;

Eyes got heavier;

Knees went weak;

Body went numb;

My legs trembled with his touch.

And I felt NAKED.

As he came closer,

Shivers went down my spine.

A tear of blood dropped from my eye.

I screamed;

But what was my “NO” to a heartless stranger.

I could see how my pain got pleasure in his eyes,

The shrieks of my voice aggravated him.

As he removed pieces of my cloths,

It felt as if he were removing life of my soul

Piece by piece.

And I felt NAKED.

This is not how it should be,

My body is not something to see,

If you turn away your head,

That does not mean you're not guilty,

And this is the feeling of being forced,

of being NAKED.

They tell you when to dress up,

they tell you when to dress down

When I should be queen but not for them to clown about

But am no one's barbie doll

I've got no sugar, got no spice

I've got the guts to fly up high

and be my own fairy light

A breath

a sigh

a cry

a screech

I tried so hard but my heart would leap

with my body hurt but a unbruised soul,

I cannot be sold.