Heading Nowhere

Disaster is approaching, our planet is dying,

The impact of humanity is dangerously intensifying.

The oceans have plastic, forests are burning,

The air is toxic; the fall of wildlife is concerning.


Our home is burning, and all we can do is gaze,

The fire burns bright, an orange catastrophic blaze.

And we watch from afar, a mere tear rolls down from our eyes,

We stare at what was blue, but now gray and crimson skies.


We hear of climate change day in and day out,

But its really not what corporations or the government cares about.

Instead of having taxes on carbon footprints calculated,

Can’t we berate these enterprises on the world they’ve created?


Civilization has put itself into this precarious position,

An austere uncertainty, the future will acquisition.

We’re living in denial, unwilling to change,

We’re toying with something we can never exchange.


If we act like we don’t have a single care,

Then our future is really heading nowhere.

So speak up, protest, this is my final plea,

Because there really is no planet B.