SBS for us is coming to an end,

Most of will miss our friends,

We all will be leaving class twelfth,

In the very best of health.

Some believe they have wasted their life,

But forget all the people that have been nice,

And definitely miss the rajma and rice(!)

Some have suffered,

Most haven’t yet met their love,

We have all developed some taste,

One thing is for sure, it wasn’t a waste.

It was all games and fun,

When it ends we’ll all just run,

Because we are just done,

Bye - Bye fellow chums

Most of us don’t know what to do after school,

Some think they are the biggest fool,

But forget all the fun and cool,

And also the exams that were just cruel,

Can’t believe it is the end of school,

We’ll cry

We’ll thrive

And we’ll say our last goodbye.