The Demonic Chair

On the second floor of our newly-furnished library, ominous and unapproachable, resides a chair. As encountered, it sits alone, separate, and rejected, and its fate will forever remain so. Apart from its other, livelier, next of kin (stools and other chairs) it rests against the deep yellow wall, in no contrast to its own sulphuric yellow and grey design. It has siblings, we must confess it is thus, other yellow and grey chairs - vastly different from our usual blue and grey - who would also prefer not to associate with it. They cluster with the other blue and grey chairs, along with the new stools, as if purposely excluding this particular chair.

One may ask why this chair in particular is excluded. The most logical answer is that it is demonic.

Though evidence is insubstantial, there are a few worthy observations. For example, the chair is unusually angled so that light from the window falls over it, and the demon inside projects in the form of a shadow. The origins of the chair are unknown, further alluding to A Demonic Presence, which means that possession could have occurred anytime between now, in its adult stage, or earlier in its childhood, when it was merely a lump of plastic. The fact that all the other seats are avoiding it is probably most conclusive - though demonic activity usually spreads lifelessness, the other seats seem unnecessarily vivacious. This abnormality leads one to believe that it is forced, and it is forced out of fear.

There is the stench of rotten cat food in the air as well, and demons are not known for being particularly fragrant. One could consider the gloomy atmosphere, indeed, but perhaps that is all the study material present on the floor.

Whatever may be the case, students are strongly urged to steer clear of this chair unless contact is absolutely unavoidable. See before you sit, or you’d leave with more than just a backache.