At the start, plans for trips and socializing we had all made

Surely the shackles of the dreaded phage were frayed

But yet again faces reflected sorrow and again hopes were dismayed

After a horrendous and torturous night,

We saw a sliver of light, we thought that the day was in sight

Yet it was only the moon and the night went on and on

On and on until we truly believed we shall no longer ever see dawn.

Each day passed like its predecessors,

The monotony of life was clear to see, and we found no transgressors

Every day we saw the dead represented as only numbers

On a chart, while we waited for the decision makers to break slumbers

We saw the corpses on rivers

We heard the agonising scream and terrified whispers

The helplessness choked all and spread faster the bane itself

While we were fed a lie of hope, by ourselves

And yet again we forgot, the lessons learnt in the spring

When we went out and stopped living in the tightest of rings

And yet again in the system of joy, the fetters again engulfed us

And again we started living the life of an exile, with life again soporific and tedious

Will this everlasting cycle ever end?

By fate are we to be abandoned?

Will we finally next year breathe freedom?

Will detoxification happen of the venom?

Will we ever break the yokes on our hands?

Or yet again will be left to rue about the distant memory strands

2022, And yet again plans for trips are made

We again hope that the phage has become frayed

Will again faces reflect sorrow and hopes be dismayed?