Covid Novelties

Covid was the beginning of many things. Like wearing masks! During the first wave of the deadly pandemic itself, it became mandatory to cover our noses and mouths everywhere we went: to the market, office, school, for a walk! In the beginning, the masks were the sky-blue surgical ones that we had seen doctors wear. But soon, masks emerged in all types of colors and patterns. Earlier, I had only seen surgeons and dentists wear masks, that too in operation theatres or clinics. Also, in movies I had seen bank robbers and thieves wear masks to hide their faces. But now, everyone was wearing masks - matching them with their clothes! In fact, for my mamu’s wedding, I bought a beautiful golden mask with embroidery matching with my lovely black and golden lehenga!

It was also the beginning of a new vocabulary; we learnt to use words in a new way, like ‘Covid Positive’. Earlier, Positive was a good thing, you praised or complimented someone by saying - “You are very positive.” But now, being positive became something we all dreaded – “Hope the test wasn’t positive!” we enquired anxiously. Another popular term we use now is ‘social distancing’. Earlier, being social meant to connect and collaborate more, but now, we all had to maintain ‘social distance’! It literally means to stand away from everybody, even from my grandparents whom I used to rush to hug.

‘Jab’ is another word that has emerged as an extremely positive word. It means to be pierced, stabbed! Earlier we all wanted never to be jabbed. But now people are eagerly awaiting to get a jab. We are relieved and proud to say - “I have been thrice jabbed."

Earlier, I was familiar with the word ‘epidemic’ that swept through villages and towns in past times, and I never ever wanted to experience it. However, now we were attacked by a ‘pandemic’ - so much worse than an epidemic. It was pan-global, not limited to an area but reaching almost every corner of our planet! Besides Coca-Cola, Levis jeans and Macdonald’s, the disease had gone multinational!

Although, Covid was the beginning of many things, like my becoming the domestic Ludo Champion and spending lots of time with my parents, I can’t wait to say 'bye - bye' to it and hope that it ends very, very soon!