Society and Women: A Love-Hate Relationship

The S in Shero.

Hero or Shero, I’ve never really seen the difference. But here I am with an opportunity to properly think through the factors of comparison.

The term ‘hero’ is usually used to describe an inspirational figure, mostly used for a man. But today, when I looked at the meaning, I discovered that being a hero is not only a term to honor a man but a person. That got me thinking, why did we feel the need to invent a whole new word to our dictionaries when we could just use this very word? That’s what leads me to the point of this essay, there’s an ‘S’ added to the beginning of this world. Hmm… What could it possibly mean? And with all my contemplation, I’ve come to it representing sameness and belittling all at once.

Why didn’t we make such a word for the male race as well? I’ve come with an answer to this question, this word has been created so we can properly show to this world that yes, we have given women respect with that sameness and belittling at the same time, to supposedly empower women.

While it truly has for some, let me leave you with a parting thought, while many of us believe that ‘shero’ is used to give us women respect, it was originally used by our same society to joke about women being worthy of respect. It was a jokey term, to describe women who were companions of male heroes.

Now since you have all the information of this term, is this term truly to be glorified? Does society love us? Or does it hate us? These double meaning words will only be used to belittle us completely or make us feel sameness. There’s truly no in between.

So now you think for me, is our respect truly given?