The Boy at the Back of the Class

“In every ending there is a new beginning”

-Deborah Harkness

He was just nine years old and had already faced more than most adults that I know. Ahmet, the protagonist of the story, was a refugee who had been forced to run away from his home, Syria. Along with his family, which consisted of his mother, father, sister and a cat, he had to use various means of travel to escape his home. During his sorrow filled journey he suffered some heartbreaking losses. First his cat collapsed in the mountains and never got up again. He then witnessed his baby sister drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Before reaching Britain, he got separated from his parents and was forced to stay in Britain with foster parents.

It is said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Thus, dawned his new beginnings. In Britain he started going to school where he was able to make some friends. Together they set out to try and help Ahmet find his parents again.

“The Boy at the Back of the Class”, the book has been a delight to read. The language used is powerful and catches the mood and the emotions of the author perfectly. In simple words, it conveys the messages she seeks to deliver to the reader. The emphatic author has written this book in attempts to spread awareness about the hard times faced by the refugees and to help them gain access to all forms of help that they require. This book is a must read for all you kind hearted young souls out there who would like to make a difference in this world.