Endings and Beginnings

2021, what a year this has been!

Surely it wasn’t a ‘normal’ year, but just as any other year, it taught us numerous things. After looking into what 2020 had made of the world, I really wanted 2021 to be better. I wanted to see the smiling face of my brother when he came home after playing without having to worry about ‘germs’ affecting him. I wanted to see the relaxed face of my father when he came back from work, not having to tell me about the rise in covid cases on a daily basis. I wanted to spend hours with my friends without worrying about socially distancing ourselves. I wanted to travel, enjoy the last few years that were left in school. Simply put, I wanted everything to go back to normal. Yes, normal.

The beginning of 2021 was not very satisfying due to the perils of the second wave. Many were severely affected, including my own family. Even with no hopes of us surviving that time, here I am giving a recap of this year as I step into another with renewed hopes of making my way through.

Gradually things got better. From recovering completely to not being able to sleep one night before offline class, it all got better. I met more and more people, took comfort as I went back to being familiar with what used to be our life, before this menace.

As I step into 2022, I carry with me this giant suitcase filled with memories that are worth cherishing. Even the moments that were challenging, because they too taught me something. They played a vital role in making me who I am today, a better version of myself.

This pandemic has brought about damage of unprecedented proportions. We all have lost something that was of great importance to us, but also gained multiple things which we may not be satisfied with at present, but will be in the long run. This year has been a long journey. Since it’s almost over, it is time for us to enjoy our happy endings and start another journey which we may call a new beginning.