The day you look around, and you can see the light in the darkness and the beauty of the sea. When you can see the smile in the tear and the truth in the guarantee, soon you’ll find the light, smile, beauty and truth in you.

In times such as these, it's common for people to always find the darkness in everything. Like it's said, you either look at a glass half empty or half full and I believe that is what defines you.

If you have your eye on that version of your glass and see it half empty, I have something to tell you. The truth is, until the day you look at the pot a little cracked, the card a little torn and a flower fallen, your mind hasn’t opened.

The day you open your mind, forcefully even, along with the smile in the tear even the smile on your face will increase.

So now that you’ve read this, I hope that your mind opens. I hope tomorrow when you wake up you can see the light in everything.