Little Women

Recently, I read a book called 'Little Women' by American author Louisa May Alcott, which has become one of MY favourites.

It was first published in the year 1868 and is still popular amongst all ages. This book is a family drama that follows the saga of four March siblings as they come of age. Although the book was written over a century and half ago, it continues to offer hope in an unequal society even today, through inspiring young people to be kind and generous like March's and Lawrence's.

The book is set in a New England town modelled on Alcott's own place in Massachusetts in her contemporary times. The novel opens at a bleak time when the American Civil War was on. We get a clear picture of what life for many families like the March's at that time was like.

The characters in this book are, Meg March, the eldest of the sisters and is very sweet natured, Jo march, who is more like a tomboy and is very bold but gets angry really quickly, Beth March, who is a very shy and introverted child, and Amy March who has a creative eye and is really good at art. Mrs. March is the mother of Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg, she is very strong and is full of hope and is always inspiring her daughters to help others rather than wanting more things for themselves.

Another important character is Laurie who is the March’s wealthy neighbour and is very fun loving and Mr. Laurence who is Laurie’s grandfather and a man who is quiet, yet generous.

The book although written over a century ago uses accessible language that is enjoyable to read even today. It describes all the characters and events in a very vivid and engaging way which lets us develop a picture in our mind.

Even though the March family doesn’t have a lot of money and their dad is at war they always stay hopeful and help others as much as possible, learning that is more important than having expensive, stylish clothes and jewellery. And most of all, loving and caring are the most precious treasures in life.