A Message from the Editors

Hello SBS,

As a school magazine, we are by and for the students, and recognising this need we wish for the magazine to be a hub of conversations and interactive with the students. For us, the school magazine is a body of expression of us, what we see around us, our views and our discussions and conversations.

This should be a free and safe space, where creativity and curiosity are duly encouraged, where we can talk about things that matter to us and affect us invariably.

In addition to being a platform where students can freely express themselves, we want the magazine to come to you. We plan to do that by engaging in active interactions with you. Your suggestions and feedback from these interactions would be important in guiding the direction the magazine will take. If you haven’t written before, there’s always a first time. It could be a thought, an experience, an opinion, an idea; anything that you’d like to share. We are an online platform, so it would be easier to accommodate various forms of expression.

As an Editorial team, our role will be to ensure that the essence and content of your work remains maintained. Of course, we will ensure hate, explicit language, targeting of individuals or groups, insensitivity and such are kept out.

We actively seek your support in making the SBS magazine a true reflection of you. You can reach us at: editor_sbsmag@stu.sbs-school.org

Looking forward!

The Editorial Team


Diva Datta Gupta


Manavi Sharma


Abhishek Aggarwal


Aria Lal

Mag History

  • 2019, Founders of SBS Mag
    Founders of SBSMag

    Founders: Dhruv Jhamb and Diya Ahuja
    Original Developers: Lael John, Vaasu Bansal, Ayan Gautam and Tanmay Garg

  • 2020

    Editors: Ananya Anurav, Isheeta Jain, Mridvi Khetan, Samara Sahi and Yuvana Sahi
    Developers: Tanmay Garg, Manav Jain, Shivaan Sood, Salil Mittal, Dhruv Rawal, Shauryaveer Chaudhry and Samya Singh

  • 2021

    Editors: Diva Datta Gupta, Manavi Sharma, Abhishek Aggarwal and Aria Lal
    Developers: Sammarth Kumar and Tanmay Garg